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E-9 : ART SNAP – Aimée Zito Lema

Discover Aimée Zito Lema’s show Here Is Where We Meet, as she brings contemporary art to the oldest building in Amsterdam. Zito Lema and curator Jacqueline Grandjean explore heritage and history through new works installed throughout “Oude Kerk.”

E-8 : ART SNAP – Timothy Paul Myers

Discover the “Felt Vision” of Timothy Paul Myers, an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. He finds materials on his way to work and wraps them in felt – archiving and beautifying found objects, while celebrating human interactions with the objects. 

E-7 : ART SNAP – Costantino Nivola

Discover Costantino Nivola, the forgotten Italian-American sculptor who left his mark on buildings across the United States. Visit Magazzino Italian Art, a new destination just north of New York City, and learn about Nivola’s sandcasts. 

E-6 : ART SNAP – Renee Cox

Discover a new universe based on the Jamaican idea “out of many we are one” created by American photographer Renee Cox. Cox uses her fearlessness and exceptional talent to portray Black people as positive and heroic figures, instead of victims.

E-5 : ART SNAP – Barkley L. Hendricks

Discover gentle and honest paintings of the Jamaican landscape from Barkley L. Hendricks, best known for his bombastic portraiture. Wendy Chang, Director of the Rennie Collection in Vancouver, discusses how the series of small paintings invite “slow looking” and offer an open narrative for viewers to enjoy.

E-4 : ART SNAP – Jonat Deelstra

Discover an emerging Amsterdam artist using sculpture to protect the North Sea. Jonat Deelstra creates clay eggs that help humans “change teams” and help the environment after they die.

E-3 : ART SNAP – Fernando Botero

Discover the secrets of monumentality in art from the maestro, sculptor, and painter Fernando Botero. Join a behind-the- scenes visit to his Tuscany foundry, hosted by Botero’s daughter, the global curator and designer Lina Botero.

E-2 : ART SNAP – Bonaventure Ndikung

Discover Berlin-based curator Bonaventure Ndikung’s work to shine light on an African philosopher who has been erased from history. The show at Berlin’s SAVVY Contemporary features 18 global artists in a multi-media exhibition that is part of a process of de-erasure.

E-1 : ART SNAP – Lorna Simspon

Discover a bold transition into new media from American artist Lorna Simpson. Wendy Chang of the Rennie Collection in Vancouver discusses a new installation by Simpson that marks another step in her artistic journey.

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